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Sep 24, 2011 5:30pm PDT
began. even perry was already in michigan ahead of the final tally speaking to the gop faithful on mackin yao island. >> i will guide this country with a deep, deep rutter. >> reporter: romney who traveled to the resort by ferry steered clear of the statement. the massachusetts governor and son of a former michigan governor, told reporters why he can be the first republicannominee to carry the state in nearly a quarter century. >> one of the key reasons i'd be competitive in michigan and hopefully win michigan if i were the nominee in part because of the name and reputation that came from my mom and dad. >> reporter: so many political experts say the straw poll won't do much to change the candidates position nationally. they may need to rethink their positions now that herman cain has won in florida. cbs news, new york. >> if you're look to go buy a house, now is the time. what the fed has done to mortgage rates to try and stimulate the economy. >>> well, big changes in store for our warm indian summer pattern of last week as we see cloudy and cool conditions extend into the bay an
Sep 17, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in school history taking on michigan state. george atkinson, the third from gra nada high in livermore takes the kickoff 89 yard and despite this 3 turnovers and being out run a hundred yards, the irish knock them out 31-13 for the first win of the season. >>> some other notable games, nebraska beat washington in the third meeting between the schools for aer yoo. texas hands ucla. >>> last night the tigers played their first division title in 24 years and they, no, how important their team played in the city of detroit. >> during a time like this, a sports team can lift up your spirits, because they deserve it. >> the regulars back in the lineup after the celebration last night, but scott sizemore burns his former team to bring home brandon allen, giving the as a 1-0 lead. geo allows one run, and wins for the 5th time. starts 14-12 on the season. the as hang out beat the tigers 5-3. >>> the yankees and blues, riviera pitches for a career save of 601. ties trevor hawkman with the most on the all-time list. they have a lead over the red sox. >>> sergio garcia on the move in the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2